‘The Best Croissant in London’



This morning I woke up to clear skies and bright sunshine, and thought to myself, “Im gonna treat myself to a nice Sunday breakfast of what I’ve recently found to be the Best Croissants in London”

Yes, that’s right, you read correctly… ‘The Best F-ing Croissants in London.’
I know a little while back, when I wrote my post on Colbert, I had said that I was yet to find a decent, let alone the Best Croissant In London, but brace yourself Londoners, I’ve finally found it…. And guess what? It was right under my nose, this whole bloody time! On every major high street, on our way to work, we’ve passed it more than a thousand times… dare I say it…. Le Pain Quotidien!!!

Trust me, I’m not the type of person who usually goes to chain restaurants. Honestly, (risking sounding like an utter snob!) I find them sloppy and inconsistent and over the years have found myself to be more of a ‘one-off restauarnt’ type of gal (well, with the odd exception) But, seriously, after having had the croissants from Le Pain Quotidien, I’ve got a lot of rethinking to do!

I first had a croissant from Le Pain Quotidien a few weeks ago when I was walking back to the NCP parking lott down a little street off High Street Kensington. Thinking about it now, it was the weirdest thing… It must have been around twelve o’ clock, so just passed elevenzies snack-time but substancially early for lunch, and for some bizarre reason I thought it would be a good idea to randomly get a pain au chocolat. Looking back, it could have only been fate that lead me to that heavenly breakfast pastry.
I don’t think I had actually ever had anything from Le Pain Quotidien before, I’ve walked by several branches and can remember thinking to myself that the food in the window looked quite good, but for some reason I always thought that it was one of those places where everything always seemed to look way better that they taste. Boy was I wrong!
Anyway, I walked into this unusually small branch and ordered one of the two pain au chocolats left from the morning. Thinking it would regain its freshness and since I’ve always like my pastries slighly warmed, I asked the woman whether she could heat my pain au chocolat up. She handed it back to me two minutes later and well, the rest was history.

I cannot even begin to find the words to describe that gorgeous flaky chocolate croissant. Within one bite I was a complete gonner and was transported back to paris sitting outside small parisienne bakeries with my dad waiting for the fresh croissants to come straight out of the oven… Honestly, had I been able to see the Champs Elysees in the background, it would have been sheer perfection. Beautiful light, buttery pastry that manages to flake all over even the most delicate eater’s clothes, wrapped around perfectly sweet chocolate that’s slightly melting and oozes all over your hands…. What more can I say? You gotta try it.

A few days after this incredible experience, I still couldn’t seem to get this pain au chocolat out of my head. It was like a drug…. I just wanted more. But also, I kept seeming to doubt myself, “Was I just really hungry that day? Could it really have been that good? What if it was just a crazy one off?” So I built up the courage (not wanting to shatter the memory of my last experience) and went back…. Then I went back again… And again, and again and to different branches…. And you know what?…. They were all just as good! Yup London, I’ve found it!!!

This morning they were just as good too!

The signs of a bloody good croissant!

The signs of a bloody good croissant!

P.S – Some people run the marathon, I sit at home and eat croissants!


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