The ‘Re-Birth’ of The Starving Chef

So, its been exactly six months and one day since I added my last post. Gosh, that really is terrible! When I first started this blog, I was so enthusiastic about it all. I could just picture myself climbing into bed every night and adding new posts which each day would get seen by more and more people. Then after some time, I immagined that the word would spread about ‘this great new food blog’, be mentioned in every major food magazine and eventually be seen by Jamie Oliver himself who would recruit me as his sous chef and later sponser a movie about my story…. (Yes, I’ve watched Julie and Julia far too many times!)
Well, needless to say, that didn’t quite happen. My blog reached a high of nine people… a third of that being family who openly stated that they read half of one post and got bored. Another third read by my current therapist (who let’s face it, is getting paid to read it) and previous therapists (who are probably just curious to see whether I’ve gotten any crazier) And finally the last third, by three poor souls who most likely, accidently stumbled accross it on their way to porn!!! A massive success!
Okay, so my great fantasy didn’t quite happen, but despite that, I truly did fully intend to keep writing and upload posts whenever I could. However, that didn’t quite happen either. These last six months and 1 day has seen me buried in so much work, that even just the thought climbing into bed and having to type on a computer made my pea size brain want to explode into puree’. Still, I know that that’s no excuse… But, in my defense, I wasn’t exactly motivated… it’s not like those three poor porn-addicts were eagerly waiting on my posts.
Anyway, all that aside, today, I have decided to turn over a new leaf, and come rain or shine, porn-lovers or bored family, I am committing myself to this blog. Once a week, no procrastinations!
Here we go…


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